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Life is What You Make It

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The 8th and final Tap the Flow 24 video in this series – Life is What You Make it!!!
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This entire song, video, and painting was conceived, created, and completed in 24 hours. 100% of the proceeds go towards to support clean water globally.
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This track features Joey Chang aka Cello Joe on production and cello, Kat Factor's soaring vocals, and verses laced by the mighty Mike Galactik Vibes and myself,
The illustrious Miles To Go painting an astounding piece with the track title and the movement artist Shorme Norteye vibing hard with us.

The video was shot by Toni Tone ( and edited by Rabe.

HUGE Shot out to Shalom Peace for sponsoring the PEACE hats and shirts worn in this video!! Check out their fine threads at:

We saw the phrase of “Life is What You Make It” on a notebook just as we started the session and all rolled with the theme. We are stoked on what we made of life in these 24 hours and hope it inspires you to make the most of yours every day.

Our lives, music, art, and ability to collaborate is such a gift and we are choosing to take these gifts to support the need for clean water globally.

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Please share as inspired!!!

Much Love and the Tap the Flow 24 crew

and shot out to Skyline Community Church ( for letting us use their walkable mandala :)


Dreams are like Ouroboros
Mouth to tail I'm chasing it
From the verse into the chorus
North and South yeah the stage is lit
The page it spins pen in my hand
I'm ready to lace this ish with amazingness so fresh
When you take it in fill you with that cadence that I call that old soul nutrition
Got a whole new vision when you open listen
You the author visionary and of course the playwright
So we follow crescent moon until consumed into the daylight
Cycles of the heart spark the heart and follow sage light
Eyes on the horizon vibin zion into plain sight

Free you
Down by the riverbed
Don’t lose
To the fight of it all
Come down now below the roots
To send us a message that love is the core of it all

Morpheus on the mic got a red and blue pill
Adventures that endless choose the path and let the groove fill
Let the groove feel real we shaken and move still to the vibration basin and makin it boom ill like
The groove it fills you powerful but keeping you so still making ill fields it feels real the blue one or the red pill
Yeah neo on the mic keeping it light and weightless we rocking it top notch shapeshifting through the matrix
Spacious a need to know basis spaceships lifting off a the top of the caged fist go
The matrix you can see it if you want it or you don’t running timelines through rhyme times the rabbit down the hole
Oracle on the mic exploring the world wide supported from the fortress restoring it with more vibes
More vibes on the frequency we can see more tribes third eye chakra open and vocalists flow ties
There’ll be more things with feeling it’s bringing me real things yes I am manifesting powerful blessings
Full circle on the mic write a page into this history we agents of the light diving straight into the mystery
Mystify and listen we projecting intentions deep instantly we finishing physically what the visions be
The history is misery you don’t see it you ain’t listenin so let me speak i’m underneath the lights and it’s glistening

Free you
Down by the riverbed
Don’t lose
To the fight of it all
Come down now below the roots
To send us a message that love is the core of it all

To send us a message that love is the core of it all
To send us a message that love is the core of it all

Life’s what we make in it
So I be shaping life live with a mission and vision
And never label lies
But i pay the price stay sharp like razor knives
Keep adjacent spaces vacant so racing through crazy nights
Patronize personification stay alive make a prize and take it
Now lace it up with the ancient vibes
Space and time evaded and never pay the fines
Lyrical assassins we blasting off to create the rhymes