This is a page of gear I use and stuff I like. These links are affiliate links - you will be supporting me as an independent cellist and musician if you buy these things after clicking these links. I appreciate you! 

voicelive 3 by tc helicon

While I don't use this edition of the VoiceLive 3 by TC Helicon, I do use the previous version and it is an amazing multi-effects processor for voice and guitar (in my case cello) as well as a looper. Highly recommend this piece of gear for serious loopers.

BOSS RC-300 LOoper

I used to use the Boss RC-50, but that has been discontinued. I upgraded to the RC300 and I use this looper as well as the VoiceLive3 from TC Helicon.

BOSS Acoustic Guitar Hardware (AD-10)

This is the preamp that I plug my cello into before. it goes to the VoiceLive 3 or the BOSS LoopStation. It has a great Anti-Feedback knob as well as Acoustic Resonance and an Ambience knob. It is a looper unto itself, can run off 6 AA batteries, it has a boost button, it has a good EQ, it has a compressor, it has delay, and it has a tuner. This thing is pretty awesome. It was recommended to me by Josh McClain who is an awesome cellist who you should check out. 

K&M mic stand

I love this mic stand. I even made a video about how to fix it if it breaks which is very rare. These are the best mic stands for travel. Get the telescoping boom arm below as well. 

Small Rig Clamp

Phone Mount

K & M Heavy Duty Music Stand Regular Black

Andrea Solo Cello Rosin Full Cake

Other Rosins

Xeros Endpin Anchor