Low and Slow: CD

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Cello Joe's latest full length CD

1) Smokey 2) Slow is Sexy 3) We Don’t Think 4) Break Free feat. Toni Mikulka 5) Everybody 6) Digital Addiction 7) Life is What You Make It feat. Ra.be 333, Kat Factor, Galactik Vibes 8) Focused on the Money feat. Lily Fangz 9) Let Your Light Shine 10) No Fake Round Here feat. Lily Fangz 11) Be Alright feat. Ra.be 333 12) Love or Fear feat. Lily Fangz 13) All About the Love feat. Lily Fangz 14) For the Birds feat. Justin Ancheta & Evan Milburn credits released May 16, 2018

Track 1 Beatboxing and Cello by Cello Joe. Engineered and Produced by Eric DeAratanha Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Cello, Beatbox, and Production by CelloJoe. Mixed & Mastered by Random Rab Track 4 Vocals by Toni Mikulka Track 6 Vocals by Cello Joe Track 7 Vocals by Ra.be 333, Kat Factor and Galactik Vibes. Created in 24 hours for TapTheFlow.com Track 9 Vocals by Cello Joe. Quote by Marianne Williamson Track 14 Vocals & Guitar by Justin Ancheta. Electric Bass by Jared May. Produced by Cello Joe, Evan Milburn, and Justin Ancheta Executive Producer: Stephen Barncard Mastering by Mixstream.org

Front Cover: Photo by Éli Zaturanski. Digital Augmented Portrait by Jesse Noemind Back cover: Artwork by Mugwort

Thank you: Toni Mikulka, Lily Fangz, Ra.be 333, Kat Factor, Galactik Vibes, Justin Ancheta, Evan Milburn, Random Rab, Eric DeAratanha, Krikor Andonian, Éli Zaturanski, Jesse Noemind, Mugwort, Marianne Williamson, & Steve Barncard license Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.

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