This music video is all about smashing the Coronavirus.
Cello Joe was meeting with his family once a week over zoom back when the pandemic started and his nephew Zae-zae randomly said, "I'm going to smash the coronavirus!"
Cello Joe asked his sister to record a voice memo of him saying it again and built this whole song around that moment.

We're going to smash the coronavirus.
Be Smart.
Stay Safe.
Wear a Mask.

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Cello, vocals, beatbox, lyrics, puppetry, video editing by
Joseph Chang aka Cello Joe

Isaiah Smith: inspiration and vocal sample of "I'm going to smash the coronavirus!"

Produced by Auralponic

Puppet master:
Toni Mikulka

Created with Ableton Live and Final Cut Pro

Thanks to all the Creators for the stock footage:
Pavel Danilyuk
Gustavo Fring
Mominur Rahman
Karolina Grabowska
Anna Shvets
Norma Mortenson
Luis C. Tavera
Michelangelo Buonarroti
German Korb
Luis Quintero
George Morina
Kelly Lacy
Alex Hussein
Tim Millaway
Magda Ehlers
Kevin Yau
Akshay Srivastava
José Barbosa
Ale Ric
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Luis Figueroa
Edward Jenner
杉原 桂
Bhargava Marripati
Anna Shvets
Andrey Kirievskiy
Edward Jenner
Michelangelo Buonarroti
Victor Varetto
Ketut Subiyanto
kilian Figueras torras
Rob Cot
Olya Kobruseva
Marc Mueller

Cartoon Trump from "Our Cartoon President Stephen Colbert Showtime Series"


I'm Going to Smash the Coronavirus
Really? How you going to do that?
How you going to smash me?
You can't even see me!
I'm microscopic
Whenever people talking I am the topic
I get around pretty popular
Hopped a jet from Wuhan to Washington
New York Italy then to D.C. Sweden to Spain
Travelin’ the world and I’m causing pain
Make you so sick that you cannot breathe
Sorry about that but I got to breed
Infect your body like your phone infect your mind
I make you move your whole life online
Tick tock got the world on lock
Keep on spreading it’ll never stop
And the economy is crashing
Toilet paper stashing
People stockpiling the rations
No more parties no more funerals
Try to get me under control
I’m….the Coronavirus

Don’t hate I’m just DNA
Better wash your hands unless you wanna pay
Meditate to master your state of fear
Gotta stay apart til we get the all clear

Wildin’ out try to catch me now
How you like me now?
I’m going to smash the coronavirus
I’m going to smash smash smash
The coronavirus
I’m going to smash smash smash
The coronavirus

Wildin’ out try to catch me now
I’m going to smash smash smash
The coronavirus
I’m going to smash the coronavirus