The Ballad of Zoe and Sam


I did a "Sound Portrait" for a fan in Australia named Zoe! She saw one of my emails saying I was offering this service and asked if I could write a song for her husband because his birthday was coming up. She send me a few paragraphs describing their journey together, how they met, their travels, having kids, life after kids, etc. I got it done in time and she loved it!

She wrote: "Thank you so much Joey!!! Sam loved it. I got a bit teary listening as well. You nailed it with the lyrics and the music was gorgeous, went perfectly and it captured everything that I was imagining. Wow I was really surprised by how easy the process was. I just provided some relatively unorganised thoughts about what I wanted to express in the song and it was like you read my mind. It was a very special present."

Cover art photo by Simon Matzinger from

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